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Zhengdi System _ 20200215155354.

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Li Xiao's will suddenly went crazy. At the same time, an indescribable energy surrounded his heart. He couldn't find his way out, but he knew he was Li Xiao. So at the same moment, he said angrily, "Li Xiao, wake up!" "Li Xiao, wake up!" A thunderous voice resounded through the dark space, and the next moment, the body that was imprisoned and even unable to move suddenly had unimaginable power. His whole body was filled with countless thunder-like things, as if a magical world of thunder was active in his body. Ka- "" Time seemed to freeze in an instant, and then a terrible voice came: "Impossible-how possible-to bite back-a small mole ant-a humble thing-" …… The voice dissipated, then, the light brain general screen appeared, on the screen, appeared dense text, then these words in Li Xiao did not understand the basis, all of a sudden toward Li Xiao flew over, in an instant, Li Xiao's brain sank, feeling countless information and energy seems to wake up in an instant. In the body, the imprisoned True Qi flew around and restored the cultivation of the six layers of True Qi. But in an instant, the True Qi turned into countless information and entered the brain. Then, Li Xiao's cultivation began to regress unimaginably. It descended from the six layers of True Qi and quickly returned to the first layer of True Qi. It was not until this moment that the True Qi stopped flowing. But this time, Li Xiao actually felt a kind of inexplicable change, the soul seemed to have a little more light group grain-like thing in an instant, however, Li Xiao thoughtfully, selectively ignored this light group-like thing. His brain, as if suddenly turned into a light brain, many things that could not be imagined before, were now completely clear. By this time, Li Xiao has understood, it seems. He really took out the system. This is true, although everything is a little strange and strange, but the system does seem to have been killed. As an additional ability, Li Xiao felt that some of the hidden generous choices in the options came out. For example,jacuzzi swim spa, the divine beast talent, such as the arrival of light brain assistance. These two things are the hidden blessing ability of the system, which could not be chosen before, but because the system was killed, it is now directly acting on him. By this time, Li Xiao also gradually understand, said very Niubi, in fact what options, although he did not understand in depth, but before the inheritance to him is only some combat experience, intelligent system information and emotional information. However, this kind of combat experience alone is indeed an unimaginable existence, with this experience alone, even if Li Xiao is now only a layer of acquired True Qi, but can still be acquired invincible. Congenitally, it can be said that Li Xiao is now invincible. This is based on the fact that these combat experiences have not yet been brought into play. He took a deep breath and stood up. Li Xiao felt something really different. Everything he saw in his eyes could change quickly. It turned into a projection in his brain, a memory-like data. It can be said that the talent that had been almost photographic memory was now never forgotten after reading it. I am now.. It seems to be a humanoid super brain, ah, China spa factory ,whirlpool hot tub, tut, this system, is really not covered, is a bit evil, there are so many double repair information ah. "Stick Water Curtain Cave Profound Rules 1-999 Collection", "Jade Girl Suxin Zhenjing", "Emperor's Royal Daughter's Three Thousand and Six Hundred Changes", "Old Tree Root's Tiandao Perception Chapter".. This Damn it, no wonder I'm encouraged to pick up girls all day. Is this the system? ……” Li Xiao constantly absorbed the information, constantly sighed with emotion, and some strange evil thoughts flashed through his heart. Of course, more, is a deep shock and incredible, this is simply an evil super rogue system! As soon as Li Xiao absorbed the information, the pitiful True Qi used it again, which made Li Xiao's face bitter. True Qi is actually the power of light brain and data extraction. It seems that you can't be lazy! At that moment, Li Xiao sat down with a bitter face and began to practice for the first time.  True Qi is like electricity, system knowledge is like a memory card, and Li Xiao himself is like a computer. To read the data in the memory card, to get it all into the computer, first of all, let the computer have electricity to turn on, and then copy, and then to the computer, it is to copy the memory card. At this time, the use of True Qi, reading the stored information, just like the process of copying, only after reading all,4 person jacuzzi, can we say that Li Xiao has completely mastered everything in that system. But the system carries a lot of things after all, just the initial understanding of a'divine beast talent 'ability, so that Li Xiao immersed in countless times back and forth in the practice of True Qi. monalisa.com