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Yingtong The president's fake girlfriend ...

Oct 21st, 2022 at 07:06   Phones & Tablets   Bahraigh   40 views

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Ying Qiong was so angry with him that she thought to herself, "Just now I followed the sound of the flying sword several times to kill the enemy, but I didn't succeed. Instead, I received a lot of cynicism from others. Because I failed repeatedly, I stopped.". It had been two or three hours now, and the enemy must have expected that he would not go in vain again, and perhaps by this time he had neglected his guard. Moreover, the first few times the flying sword followed the sound to kill the enemy, because of fear of accident, they were all together with the light cloud, indicating to each other beforehand, easy to be alert. This Ziying is a psychic treasure. In the past, when I first got it, I didn't succeed in swordsmanship. I could still do whatever I wanted and come and go freely, not to mention that I had been refined. A few days ago, I heard Master Yuqing say that because this sword is the treasure of Master Changmei to refine demons, it is extremely magical and has endless wonderful uses. Although I have received the Emei mental method, I can disappear by flying. After all, I am young and my skill is poor. I have not yet exerted half of the instinct of this sword. Trapped in the demon array today, not out for a long time, like such a stalemate, until when can get away? Why not, like the first, wish silently in your heart, take the risk, take advantage of the enemy's surprise, send out the sword, and let it go to find the enemy. In any case, the enmity has been formed, even if it is difficult to escape, hurt him a main body, can also slightly eliminate anger. Thinking of this, I crossed my heart and wished silently in my heart: "Shizu bless me. The Fairy Sword is very supernatural. It will play for me to kill the enemy." Suddenly,Magnesium Sulphate producer, he used Xuangong to separate the light of the sword and flew straight to the place where the two boys made their voices. Because Wei Qingqing, the mother of the Yi brothers, had something to do in the temple, he found time to meet the enemy. As soon as he trapped the enemy, he went back to the temple. When he left, he told him again and again that he could only capture them alive, seize their two swords, and make up for the loss of their swords. He could not hurriedly launch the formation together and hurt them. He thought that the enemy had become a fish in the net and would soon faint and be captured. Who would have thought that although the enemy was trapped in the array, the two sword lights were magical and unpredictable, protecting the enemy's body, just like two red and purple lights forming a colorful ball, shining in all directions,dap diammonium phosphate, turning stars in the array, rolling around, but could not hurt them. Later, Yi Zhen waited for a while, but he was really impatient. He argued with Yi Ding and was blamed. He launched the Yin and Yang rocket from the official position to shoot the enemy. Unexpectedly, as soon as he got close to the enemy, the arrow light was destroyed, so he dared not be careless. I was afraid that Nai Zu would return to the temple tomorrow. I didn't know whether to blame him or not. I wanted to launch the array again, but I was afraid that it would be useless and hurt the treasure. I was also worried there. For the first two times, the two men of Qingyun flew their swords to hurt the Yi brothers. For one thing, the swords did not leave their bodies, and they were under the command of the two women. For another, the Yi brothers were in the open. As soon as they saw the enemy's swords flying, they were about to reverse their formation slightly, and then they avoided them. The two men were also busy taking them back. When they failed repeatedly, the two men stopped. As Ying Qiong had expected, the Yi brothers thought they would not come again. The enemy was in the dark and I was in the light, so they were a little careless to guard against it. In addition, Ying Qiong used her mind this time. The Ziying Sword itself was clever enough to find the enemy, which was much faster. Brother Yi was in the center of the battle array when he was planning to capture the enemy. Suddenly he saw a purple light coming from the enemy. As soon as he saw it, he was already on his head and shouted, "No!" The array was reversed, and the crisis was imminent. As soon as he had to avoid it, calcium ammonium nitrate price ,potassium sulphate fertilizer, the purple light turned out to be very supernatural, and he caught up with it later, forcing the Yi brothers to have no way out, so he had to reverse the array and linger on. Relying on the array, he kept changing. Ying Qiong, light cloud see purple light in close not far up and down vertical and horizontal, electric shooting non-stop, I do not know the enemy so embarrassed.  It was also two women who were trapped,diammonium phosphate fertilizer, and it must have been her. Remembering the grace of saving the life of Qiankun Zhengqi Miaoyi Zhenren in the past, no matter whether the person is right or not, she must be released. stargrace-magnesite.com