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Xiu Shen Lu Jiu Tian Long Teng

Oct 19th, 2022 at 10:12   Automobiles   Sambhal   61 views

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Night sisters and Pingsan and others also gently came to their side, witnessed the decisive battle, they can also understand the excitement of Yang Wuxin and Mo Huan. Everyone had a contented smile on their faces, and all their troubles were gone. For those of them who were struggling on the path of cultivation, this moment of tranquility was too rare. [ ] Chapter 8 Reunion of Master and Apprentice After solving the problem of the evil spirit, Mo Huan and Yang Wuxin left the burial deep in high spirits. Back to the entrance of the underpass, Mo Huan slowly stopped. For this place of origin of the energy of death, Mo Huan has always been very alert, it is true that this blow has caused heavy losses to the burial of Shenyuan, including thousands of thousands of plagues and the only one of thousands of plagues were destroyed in a moment, leaving only some unfashionable plagues. However, as long as enough time is left for it, the burial abyss can continue to breed new souls, whether it is a hundred plagues of demons, a thousand plagues of demons, or even ten thousand plagues of devils, it will still appear again in the realm of practice. Such a result is not what Mo Huan wants to see. Therefore, before leaving here, Mo Huan decided to seal this ominous place of death and completely cut off its connection with the spiritual world. This proposal was immediately approved by Yang Wuxin and the Ye sisters, and they gladly contributed their own strength. Gathered four masters of the Star Source Power Seal, unless the king of the God King came in person, otherwise absolutely no one can open it. Especially in the seal,Urinal Manual Flush Valve, Yang Wuxin tried some new ideas, through the ingenious use of Star Dragon Mojin, enough to make breakthroughs in many details, making the overall magic power to a new level. Will bury God deep perfect seal, make it and the city of the demon God on the ground also cut off contact, but to complete this step, Mo Huan or borrowed the power of the nine-day God tripod, after all,Flush Retrofit Kit, the city of the demon God is also a super artifact, its power is not simply by the number of people can make up for. Seeing the nine-day tripod again, Yang Wuxin's eyes never left this treasure. I thought I would have a chance to get what I wanted after I went to the world of God and King, but I didn't expect him to find the target ahead of time. With Mo Huan's cultivation and experience, almost immediately discovered Yang Wuxin's abnormality, the kind of crazy eyes with fervor and persistence, naturally emitting a powerful and incomparable momentum. Under Mo Huan's repeated inquiries, Yang Wuxin came to his senses from dementia. He was somewhat embarrassed to explain his situation, and then boldly made a request to borrow the treasure. Looking nervously at Mo Huan's face, Yang Wuxin's heart seemed to have knocked over fifteen buckets, and he was at sixes and sevens, unable to settle down. He was afraid that the other party would say no, and even more afraid that the great opportunity would slip away from his eyes. However, Yang Wuxin also understood that Mo Huan could not decide this matter, and if he could not achieve his wish this time, Time Delay Tap ,Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin, he would have to wait until he ascended to the world of the God King and saw the King of the God King in person. Although he had heard Yang Wuxin talk about his own affairs before, but Mo Huan did not listen carefully, this time after listening to the cause and effect, he could not help but deeply admire Yang Wuxin's respect for teachers. In order to repay his master's kindness, Yang Wuxin made too many efforts. He experienced the danger of a narrow escape from death and overcame numerous difficulties and  Of course, the skills taught by Mo Huan are not complete, only including the part of refining elixirs, and the top spells such as seals are not involved at all. But this result still makes Yang Wuxin feel satisfied, he was not so ambitious,Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo, to master the method of sealing, as long as he can save his teacher, everything is enough for him. cnkexin.com

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