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Wesley 002 (Underground Wonder Man)

Oct 19th, 2022 at 10:35   Automobiles   Satna   55 views

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Location: Satna
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The white eldest brother grabbed Song Jian's shoulder, "hum", waved his hand, Song Jian's body, knocked out, hit the bookshelf, the whole bookshelf, was knocked down. But Song Jian is also really very good, after a collision, immediately jumped up, a bend, pick up two pieces, as long as two feet, unexpectedly about feet of broken glass in the hands! The two pieces of glass were broken from the door, and the place where they were broken was extremely sharp. They were undoubtedly two extremely sharp weapons! White eldest brother sees, "hum" the ground, Song brother, you this but bring disgrace on yourself! " Song Jian was livid. "What qualifications do you have to call me brother?" He snapped. White eldest brother was stunned, slowly walked out to Song Jian, he just walked out of two steps, Song Jian arms a vibration, two pieces of glass, "Huo Huo" sound, waving a shining light, to the white eldest brother! Boss Bai stepped back, dodged, reached back, and grabbed a chair leg in his hand. Just then, I suddenly heard the voice of a young girl panting and saying, "Dad,wire nail machine manufacturers, Uncle Song, stop, you.." What's the matter Is there a fight? As soon as the voice came out, I was the first to be surprised, because it was none other than Bai Su! White eldest brother and Song Jian two people, also stunned, each backward, out of three steps, I hurriedly followed the sound to see, I saw the crowd gathered outside the door,Nail production machine, together flashed away, the middle-aged woman who had been ordered by Bai Su to save me, holding Bai Su, came forward. I hurried forward a few steps. Bai Su stretched out his left arm again and hung it around my neck. "Let's go to the study," he said. "No," I said hurriedly. "They're doing it. How can you go?" Bai Su's expression, however, was unusually firm. "No, we must go," he said. I had no choice but to hold her and walk forward, but Bai Su walked directly to Song Jian! Every time I took a step forward, the surprise in my heart deepened, because Song Jian was still holding two pieces of sharp glass in his hands at this time, and his eyes were full of anger, Bai Su walked towards him, it was really dangerous to the extreme! At that moment, everyone held their breath. "Stop!" Cried Mr. White. But Bai Su raised his head and said, "No!" I held Bai Su's slender hand tightly until I came to a place three or four feet away from Song Jian, and Bai Su motioned to stop. As soon as she stood still, she took two breaths and said, "Uncle Song, Automatic nail machine ,nail manufacturing machine, it's all my fault. For the sake of your love for me, you forgave my father and Brother Wei." As soon as I heard Bai Su say this, I couldn't help being surprised, because both of us had seen Song Jian's film with our own eyes, and Bai Su had also seen it, and there was absolutely no reason for her to say so! Song Jian snorted and said, "Miss Su, your father and Wesley have falsely accused me like this. I'd rather die than forgive them." Bai Su sighed and said, "Uncle Song, come with me to see something. When you see it, the misunderstanding will be cleared up." At this time, not to mention the people gathered outside the door, inexplicable, even I and the white eldest two people, do not know what Bai Su is doing. "What are you going to see?" Asked Song Jian. "Come with me, Uncle Song," said Bai Su, "and you'll understand. Father, come with me." Boss Bai said in a deep voice, "Suer, what the hell are you doing?" Bai Su sighed softly and said, "Dad, we were too careless. You have to blame Uncle Song." Boss Bai was stunned and said, "If the matter has come to light, then of course we admit our mistake." Song Jian gave a "hum" and did not speak. Bai Su motioned me to help her leave again. Song Jian and Bai Laoda followed her. They did not talk. Some people wanted to follow her, but they were stopped by Bai Laoda. After a while, we all arrived at Bai Su's room and went into the dark room together. Bai Su lay down on the chair and said to me, "Go and start the projector!" Bai Laodao said, "Yes, let him have a look." As I told him, I started the projector, and a poisonous snake appeared on the wall. When Song Jian's face appeared, Bai Su shouted, "Stop!" Song Jian's face shape stayed on the wall. At this time, in the dark room, did not turn off the  It turned out that the man was exactly the same as Song Jian. However, when he appeared and smiled, he had two extremely sharp canine teeth on his upper teeth! Song Jian's teeth, however, are very neat, absolutely not so sharp canine teeth,Nail Making Machine price, this difference, is not careful, never see!. 3shardware.com

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