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Volume 03 first appeared in Dabao

Oct 21st, 2022 at 07:08   Phones & Tablets   Bareilly   122 views

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Han You-niang was jubilant and said, "Don't you know?"? Someone from the palace sent a decree, and the emperor said that he wanted the young mother to accompany the queen. As she spoke, she grabbed Yang Ling's hand and said happily, "Young Niang can finally see what the palace looks like this time. It's the place where the real dragon emperor lives." Hearing this, Yang Ling laughed and said, "That's good.". The emperor's wedding, I do the master of ceremonies, you do the bridesmaid, but I don't know if the emperor will wrap a thick red envelope for us, ha ha ha.. Han You-niang didn't understand the meaning of the red envelope. She thought it was one of the etiquette terms for the emperor's wedding. She asked with a smile, "My husband has come back so early. Is it possible that he can be free these two days?" Yang Ling scraped her charming nose and said, "Clever, I don't have to do hard labor these two days, but the emperor.." Yang Ling thought of the eight lovely, beautiful female officials whose eyes looked like they were going to eat people. She couldn't help smiling bitterly and said, "I'm afraid the emperor is going to do a lot of hard work these two days. I don't know if he can stand it. Hey.." Yutangchun held his wedding robe and fled back to the boudoir with a red face. A heart is still beating. Usually she was eager to see the master more, but as the day of marrying into the Yang family was getting closer and closer, her daughter's feelings and shyness were getting heavier and heavier. She put away the crown clothes and waited for the heat on her face to disappear before she crept out of the back house. As soon as she entered the hall, the housekeeper came in from outside. "Miss Su, you're just in time," she said with a happy face. "Here's a letter that the old slave is going to bring in for you." "Letter?"? Someone gave me a letter? Yu Tangchun asked in surprise. The old housekeeper laughed and said, "Yes,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, er.." It belongs to a relative of yours. "What about the man you're talking about?" Yutangchun asked strangely. The old housekeeper laughed and said, "The man sent the letter and left. He said that the letter was self-detailed, and we knew the rest." As he spoke, he said to himself, "This girl will soon become the wife of the mighty uncle. Suddenly, a poor relative of the autumn wind came to the house. I know how much I can't hang on my face."? I'd better pretend to be confused. The old housekeeper was very sophisticated, so he offered the letter and left. Yutangchun took the letter in surprise and looked at a loss. Relatives? Where did I get my family? Hesitantly, she strolled into the nave study and sat down. She took the letter out of the sticker and opened it. She glanced at it and suddenly stood up, trembling all over,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, as if she had been unusually frightened. Zhou Yanxiang, Zhou Yanxiang! Her own father appeared in front of her from the sky, grovelling to his daughter and putting his name on it. The name had been buried in the bottom of her heart with her pain and tears for a long time. When it appeared, her heart was shocked and her mind was dizzy. She held the table hurriedly, and the tears could not stop falling down one by one: "Why him?"? Why him? Why did he come to me? Yutangchun forced herself to forget, but she never really forgot, did not forget the name, did not forget the father who brought her father's love and affection, and cruelly sold her into the fire pit, the down-and-out and unscrupulous scholar who ate, drank and gambled. From the moment she fell into prostitution, she had decided to completely forget this person, and even completely forget her original name, a name she did not deserve: Zhou Yujie. Yujie, Yujie Bingqing, does a woman who has fallen into prostitution deserve to be called this name? Her name is Yu Tang Chun, 304 Stainless Steel Bar ,stainless steel welded pipe, called Su San, called Yu Jie son, now, she has washed out the lead, ready to accompany her husband to pursue their own happiness for a lifetime, why he came to the door? Yutangchun held up the letter paper with tears in his eyes and looked up at the letter sobbing. Chapter 113 don't be a gentleman when you first ascend Dabao.  After hearing his report, he said to the old housekeeper doubtfully, "Did a middle-aged scholar come to your house just now?" "Sir," said the butler, "there is such a man. The man said that he was a distant relative of Miss Su, and that he had found out that Miss Su had married into our family and wanted to ask the young lady to help him. The old slave thought that this was not a glorious thing, and he was afraid that Miss Su would lose face,304 Stainless Steel Coil, so he quietly gave her the letter from his relatives, so he did not tell the master and asked him to forgive him. Yang Ling said suspiciously, "How can her relatives leave in a hurry after delivering a letter?" sxthsteel.com