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The Strongest Abandoned Young _ Goose Is the Fifth _ txt Novel Paradise

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Yan Miaofei was even more alarmed, and he could not imagine that the young palace master, who had always been submissive, would change so much after the death of the palace master. He stole a glance at the rest of the deacons and elders around him, and found that none of them stood up to speak, and they all looked like they had nothing to do with themselves. Although there was some regret in his heart, Yan Miaofei steeled himself and said, "Master, I made a slip of the tongue just now.". But the rules of my water shrine. When Tingting saw that she had gained the upper hand in the first round, she interrupted Miao Fei with a cold hum, "Who made the rules of the Water Shrine?" "Of course it's the former Lord of the Palace." After Yan Miaofei finished speaking, he felt that there seemed to be some loopholes in the words. Tingting simply ignored Miao Fei and said sadly, "I have been in the Water Shrine for tens of thousands of years, and now I am suffering again.". If we kill our own people again because of this kind of thing, won't it be painful for our relatives and happy for our enemies? At this time, a Huazhen elder stood up and said, "The master of the palace is right, but it is said that Miao Fei has committed the following crimes and needs to be punished by the master of the palace." When Tingting saw that the elder who spoke was Qiqi's Shizu Peng, she was immediately overjoyed. Qiqi's Shizu was good, and she helped herself at the critical moment. If I had said what I had just said without the elder's consent, it would have been an empty fist,24v Gear Motor, and it would not have been convincing at all. When Yan Miaofei heard that Elder Huazhen had come out to support Tingting, he immediately knew that he had made a big mistake. He quickly bowed down and said, "It's my mistake. Please punish the palace master.." A cold voice immediately sounded and said, "If you dare to offend the palace master here, don't punish him." As soon as the voice finished speaking, a big hand of Zhenyuan stretched out. Yan Deacon watched in horror as Zhenyuan pinched him in his big hand and turned into a fog of blood in a twinkling of an eye. To the surprise of Tingting and the rest of the deacons, the elder who killed Yan Miaofei was not the master of the palace,12 Volt Motor With Gearbox, Elder Yan, nor Elder Peng, but Elder Liu Xisheng. Tingting soon knew that this was Liu Xisheng's signal to help her. She said hurriedly, "Now I'm in great trouble at the Water Shrine. Fortunately, there are still several elders here.". But the other side can let our palace master fall, we rashly just let them have a chance. In order to avenge the master of the palace, I suggest that the Water Shrine restore the previous rules again, temporarily seal the palace for fifty years, and the elders work hard to improve their cultivation. Fifty years later, when our strength reaches a certain level, we are determined to avenge the palace master. Seal the palace fifty years is she and an Zhiqi secretly discussed, have this fifty years of time, they should also grow up. At least as long as the cultivation is promoted, we are not afraid of anything. Several deacons looked at each other and sealed the palace for fifty years. What about the two young masters who went out? The meaning of the master of the palace is very obvious, that is, Vending Machine Motor ,Small Dc Gear Motor, not to let the two young masters who went out come back. Besides, it's a joke to wait fifty years to get revenge. They can't imagine that if the young palace master is not on the throne, he will be so decisive. (To be continued) Chapter 1468 meet .. co But at this time, no elder stood up to speak, as if they did not know about it. For several Huazhen elders, cultivation is the most important thing. They have fewer things to do in the palace, which is more conducive to practice. But before Lang Ying's wrist is too ruthless, practice resources are generally her accounted for the majority, the rest is distributed to other elders. So there is really no elder who is loyal to Lang Ying. But after Tingting took over as the head of the palace, the top resources of the Water Shrine were also open to several elders, which won somilled a deacon who offended her, which is simply the top support. But she did not think that the bigg this the city of Moyue? It's so beautiful, it's much more beautiful than my Yinzhu Island. The first time Xie Youhuai saw the city of Moyue,High Torque 12v Dc Motor, she immediately exclaimed that she had never left the unintentional sea. Has been living between the water and the island, now see the city of Moyue carefully managed, the heart can not help but sigh out. ichgearmotor.com