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Sunny after the first rain

Oct 20th, 2022 at 08:08   Services   Sahāranpur   93 views

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Hearing Song Yilan say that the information in the U disk was very useful, Xu Zhongcai breathed a sigh of relief. But then he felt that after Song Yilan found out the clues, there would be other conclusions and directions, which had nothing to do with Yujingxing Garden. Song Yilan insisted on not letting him intervene, so that's all he could do. Xu Zhong asked tentatively about the next plan on the grounds of the company's request to submit a report, which was blocked by Song Yilan's "I'll sort it out for you after the end of the matter". Again insist on some of the meaning of entanglement, this is not Xu Zhong's original intention and easy to lead to unnecessary incidents, Xu Zhong advised himself in the heart, continue the original life. But once some things are involved, it is not so easy to get out, this point, once Xu Zhong is the most clear. Xu Zhong's residence is a collective dormitory, although most of his colleagues in the security team are broad-minded, he is still used to walking a few roads to more remote places every time he talks to his family on the phone. He had changed his identity, had no enemies, had no money to live alone, and was not afraid of any sneaking around behind him. But this day, it's a little different. When I went out, there was nothing unusual. Just after I passed the main road of the city, there were several shadows following me all the time. They should have received special training, distance, speed, the way of substitution are orderly,Inflatable indoor park, if not for Xu Zhong's sensitivity in this respect is higher than ordinary people, it is estimated that it is difficult to detect. Xu Zhong did not take it to heart, but consciously made a few more detours on the path, ready to throw them off. But the other side not only has not been thrown away, but also after realizing that the action has been exposed, but less scruples, with the ground more bold. Xu Zhong's footsteps paused, calmly exhaled a few breaths,inflatable castle with slide, avoided the crowded area at the next fork, and turned into a more remote path. What can I do for you? Xu Zhong asked in a cold voice, straight to the point. No one answered him, and after a brief silence, the shadows slowly approached him. This is a remote path, the street lights are dim, there are some shops with cold business on both sides, there are not many pedestrians during the day, and it is quiet at night. Xu Zhong secretly estimated the strength of the other side, probably this trip to test the meaning of the majority, only three people came, even with easy to hide the dagger, is still no match for him. So Xu Zhong led them to this road, ready to avoid the crowd to solve their own. When the leading man rushed over, Xu Zhong had already jumped to the side one step ahead of time, hit him on the back with the strength of his elbow, inflatable amusement park ,Inflatable 5k obstacle, controlled his arms with both hands, and turned back. The man jerked to one side and failed to fall to the ground as Xu Zhong wished. Only the pause between the breaths was enough for Xu Zhong to wring his backhand and snatch the dagger from his hand. With the dagger, Xu Zhong's movements became more fluent, but he was still mainly defensive, and the dagger in his hand did not attack and assassinate like ns upper arm, and then opened the door and went out. Chung, are you coming? C Since he came back from the outside, he has been absent-minded. His heart is like a big stone, which makes him irritable and restless. And this sounds like a teasing greeting, but suddenly these are scattered,Inflatable water park on lake, even breathing is much smoother. What's the matter? Xu Zhong's tone was cold, and he did not want to admit that all his worries originated from Song Yilan, nor did he want to admit that the depressed and restless mood in his heart was a worry about her situation. joyshineinflatables.com