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Summoning Game of the Other World

Oct 19th, 2022 at 10:38   Automobiles   Saugor   133 views

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With the previous experience, Shen Qi was no longer careful. He walked to the open space outside the White House and let Star Zero and Tifa walk away. He began to recite the incantation, "Hongjun Patriarch, nv Wa Empress, Sanqing Daozun, the two saints of the West bless, all the gods and Buddhas listen to orders, summon the unknown world, for love and light, for the peace of the universe, summon!" As when Tifa was summoned, a crack appeared in the void, a powerful divine consciousness scanned some, and a purple s sè light came out of the void, circling around Shen Qi a few times, and slowly listened. ~ ~ wWW. NUoShu. Com (Nuoshu.com Free Novels) ~ ~ "Summon a sword!" Shen Qi looked at the sword hovering quietly beside him and frowned. I thought I could summon a beautiful nv, but I didn't expect to summon a sword, but I didn't know that the sword was in the game. What kind of sword is this? It's beautiful! Star Zero ran over and looked at the sword in front of Shen Qi, with a red heart in his eyes. Adhering to the advantages of perfection in single-player games, this sword is about 1.3 meters long and five centimeters wide. It is purple and has a strange shape. Be careful. "Star Zero was about to grab the sword, but the sword suddenly moved and stabbed at Star Zero.". As soon as Shen Qimian was cold, he picked up Star Zero and grabbed the hilt of the sword. Strange things were born, the sword saw Shen Qi caught, actually stopped, let Shen Qi catch. Shen Qi holds the sword, only to feel a feeling of blood connection, the heart can not help but wonder. The sword has spirit, and he who has virtue gets it! Shen Qi held the sword and waved it a few times, bringing up a purple sè light. Shen Qi laughed and said to the star zero. You just flatter yourself! Tifa, let's go and ignore the big bad guy! Star Zero, with a small mouth, angrily pulled Tifa into the White House. Nv people are really strange animals! Shen Qi watched Star Zero and Tifa walk into the White House,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, shrugged his shoulders and said helplessly. Suddenly the sword broke free from Shen Qi's hand and shook from side to side as if he could understand it. Can you understand me? Shen Qi bent down, approached the sword, and asked softly to the sword. The sword touched the hilt and then began to circle around Shen Qi to show that he could really understand. When Shen Qi saw the performance of the sword, he suddenly jumped up and shouted, "God!"! I love you so much! "What is the ghost calling?" Suddenly, Star Zero came out of the White House, akimbo, looking at Shen Qi and scolding loudly. Star Zero, you see, it can understand me! Sword, come here! Shen Qi ran to the front of the star zero, took the star zero's hand, and shouted softly to the sword. The sword heard Shen Qi's cry and immediately flew over. Turn three times! Shen Qi smiled and said to the sword like a fool. The sword hesitated for a moment, circled three times around the two men, and then stopped in front of them. It can really understand! Star Zero was dumbfounded, looking at the sword doing different movements under the command of Shen Qi. Let's go indoors! Shen Qi smiled, wire nail machine manufacturers ,Coil nail machine, stole the star zero, and then pretended to pull the star zero to the White House as if nothing had happened, while the sword followed Shen Qi every step of the way. Tifa, look at my sword. It can understand me! Shen Qi walked into the living room, saw Tifa sitting on the sand, and said loudly to Tifa. Tifa looked at the sword behind Shen Qi and frowned, not understanding what Shen Qi meant. Really? Look. Sword, come and say hello to Tifa! Shen Qi saw Tifa's expression and said to the sword with a smile. Without hesitation, the sword flew slowly over and rubbed its hilt against Tifa's face. Tifa was stunned and could not believe that the sword could really understand Shen Qi's words. Shen Qi, what kind of sword do you think this is that can understand you? Star zero looked at the sword suspended in the air, puzzled, why this gold and stone cast sword, unexpectedly will give birth to wisdom, can understand people speak. I don't know! But Xianjian series of games, most of the top swords have sword spirit, do not know what this sword is! Shen Qi is also very sleepy. There are so many games of Fairy Sword in his previous life, but he doesn't know what kind of sword he summons. All right, forget it! When I consolidate my present magic power, I will sacrifice this sword. "Shen Qi smiled and held the sword in his hand.". At night, Shen Qi, Xing Ling, and Tifa each sat on three tall towers. The three towers are distributed in a triangle, each tower is 33 meters high, surrounded by a large number of soldiers, to ensure that the three people practice without interference. Sitting on a high tower, Shen Qi received the star power of Zhou Tianxing Dou San, which  son was dressed in a light and elegant wide-sleeved flowing fairy skirt, and the blue sè skirt was as cold as a cold lù,Nail machine manufacturer, rippling deep and shallow ripples in the wind. Brother Wang, as soon as he saw Shen Qi, he threw himself on Shen Qi and cried in a low voice. 3shardware.com

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