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Special Sniper Back to the Three Kingdoms

Oct 20th, 2022 at 07:41   Phones & Tablets   Sahāranpur   44 views

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Gan Ning retorted rudely, "Your Majesty has giffin and other counsellors to give advice, as well as Zhao Yun and other fierce generals. Can't you take a Yecheng?"? It's impossible to go late. Pang Tong said with a smile, "Viceroy Gan, I also think what Bo Yan said is reasonable." "Oh, tell me." Gan Ning calmed down and asked. Tracing the cause replied, "When the army captured Dongjun, I had already sent someone to inquire about Yecheng and your majesty's situation.". The city of Yecheng is strong and has countless grain. It is a strong city. Your majesty in Yecheng, temporarily stay put, no siege immediately. I think your majesty will take quite a long time to solve Cao Cao, even finally need us to cooperate, so as soon as possible to take Yanzhou, and Cao Cao destroy Qingzhou, and then March north Yecheng is not too late. Gan Ning asked hesitantly, "Boy Lu, are you sure there is still time to capture Qingzhou and Yanzhou?" "You can't be wrong," said Lu Xun. Li Ru opened his mouth and said, "Viceroy Gan, Ru also thinks that Bo Yan's words are not wrong." Gan Ning see several counsellors have to speak, then no longer insist. Without gan Ning to take the lead, Huang Xu and other generals will wilt, obey orders. The army in dingtao county rest for a day, immediately set out to continue to expand eastward. In the face of the Shu army, coss was powerless, and even if he wanted to resist, it would be difficult for him to succeed. Coss led troops back to Ren Chengjun, also faced with two choices. First, Cao Ren could continue to retreat eastward, through Lu County and Taishan County, and then enter Qingzhou, join Xiahou yuan in Qingzhou, and then resist the Shu army together; second, Cao Ren could choose to go north, through Dongping County, then go north to Jizhou, quickly run towards Yecheng, and return to Yecheng to join Cao Cao's army. Two options,faux ficus tree, one is to assist Cao Ang, and Xiahou yuan together to hold Qingzhou, the other is to help Cao Cao. Finally, coss chose to go north. Instead of resisting the Shu army, he went north to Dongping Prefecture, entered Jizhou, and headed for Yecheng. Yanzhou lost the backbone of Cao Hong, and people's hearts were scattered, making it even more difficult to organize forces to resist the Shu army. When tardif and gan Ning approached rencheng county, Lu county and Taishan county with a great army, all the places are surrendered, no one led the army to resist. Such speed, nature is tardif, gan Ning and others would like to see. Tardif and gan Ning when the army along the way to victory, Cao Cao also led the army arrived at Qingzhou state seat Linzi, soldiers at the gates and XH battle. Chapter 1316 panic like a lost dog [words in this chapter: 2313 [Qisuu. Com] update time: 2012041610:43: 19.0] Cao Cao soldiers at the gate, gan Ning rate army into Qingzhou, Linzi is already in the middle of the storm. When Cao Ang got the news, fake blossom tree ,faux grass wall, he knew something was wrong and called together the gentry in the city. Glancing at the gentry in the hall, he said in a deep voice, "The Shu army is rampant and ferocious, and half of Qingzhou has fallen.". Now the Shu army is at the gate, and the situation is critical. Solitary call you to come, is to give full play to your talents, to ask you for advice. These words were spoken earnestly and even asked for help. Very strange is Xiahou yuan and Zang Ba standing at the door of the hall, both carrying weapons, eyes like a knife looking at the people in the hall, but also with a faint intention to kill. Prince, the old man is willing to help defend the city. Suddenly, an old man sitting in the front row spoke out. The man, named Duan Xuan, was a merchant in the city of Linzi. Duan Xuan was down and out when he was young, but he had a business mind. He earned a lot of money by his own ability. He was the richest man in Linzi City. In particular, Duan Xuan kept thousands of private soldiers, who were all brave anuan Xuan returned to the mansion by car, eight more gentry families came to visit. In the study, Duan Xuan, dressed in a black robe,artificial plant wall panels, sat cross-legged. He glanced over the people sitting in the study and asked, "Gentlemen, what are you looking for the old man for?" hacartificialtree.com