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Popular Science: Structure and Working Principle of Rotary Evaporator

Oct 18th, 2022 at 06:45   Beauty & Well being   Burhānpur   40 views

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Original Title: Popular Science: Structure and Working Principle of Rotary Evaporator Rotary evaporator, also known as rotary evaporator, is a common laboratory equipment composed of motor, distillation flask,wiped film distillation, heating pot, condenser tube and other parts. Rotary evaporator is commonly used in laboratories and scientific research institutions. Let's learn about the structure and working principle of rotary evaporator. Structure principle of rotary evaporator: Structure: The distillation flask is a eggplant-shaped or round-bottomed flask with a standard ground joint,decarboxylation after extraction, which is connected to the decompression pump through a highly refluxing serpentine condenser tube, and the other opening of the refluxing condenser tube is connected to the receiving flask with a ground joint for receiving the evaporated organic solvent. A three-way piston is arranged between the condenser tube and the pressure reducing pump, when the system is communicated with the atmosphere, rotary vacuum evaporator ,jacketed glass reactor, the distillation flask and the liquid receiving flask can be taken down to transfer the solvent, and when the system is communicated with the pressure reducing pump, the system should be in a pressure reducing state. When using, the pressure should be reduced first, and then the motor should bealed and decompressed to 400 to 600 mm Hg; the solvent in the distillation flask is heated by a heating bath, and the heating temperature can be close to the boiling point of the solvent; at the same time, the rotary evaporator system can rotate at a speed of 50 to 160 revolutions per minute,nutsche filter dryer, so that the solvent forms a film and the evaporation area is increased. In addition, under the action of the high-efficiency cooler, the hot steam can be quickly liquefied and the evaporation rate can be accelerated. (Source: Internet) Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. toptiontech.com