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No.2 Chief 1 2 3 Complete Works

Oct 19th, 2022 at 10:41   Automobiles   Salem   41 views

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The police once speculated that Wang Wenfang might have killed her husband Cao Dongman. The two old people saw that their disabled son had been lost and refused to lose their daughter-in-law who supported the family. In particular, they did not want their granddaughter Cao Qiuyun, who had just entered junior high school, to lose her dependence, so they came out to take the blame. However, to the great surprise of the police, traces at the scene showed that the case had nothing to do with Wang Wenfang, and that it was indeed two old people who killed their son. This case caused a sensation, in addition to the two old people personally killing their son's behavior can not be understood, but also lies in the judicial practice of the problem. Two elderly people, let alone let them go to prison, even detention, is a big trouble. They can not be locked up in the detention center, and then ask a few nannies to take care of their diet and living. Therefore, after they surrendered, the public security department did not detain them. On the contrary, they applied for detention on their own initiative and even hoped that the court would sentence them to death earlier. Finally, the court found him guilty of homicide, but because of his age and voluntary surrender, he was not sentenced to death, and the actual punishment was executed outside prison. A year has passed since the incident. Not long ago, the family made another incident. In an anti-pornography operation, the county public security Bureau caught a prostitute, who turned out to be Wang Wenfang. Such cases are usually punished by public security, and prostitutes can be released after paying several thousand yuan. After investigation,non standard fasteners, the public security department found that Wang Wenfang's salary in the school canteen was only 800 yuan, and her parents-in-law did not have a penny of income. Her salary alone was not enough to support the family, so she had to support the family through prostitution. In the end, the case was not punished and she was released. Another month later, an article appeared on the Internet with the title of a sad prostitute. Volume 9 Chen Yunda's Private Plot of Officialdom Chen Yunda's Private Plot of Officialdom 11 This post, for the first time, reveals a lot of little-known inside stories, especially the reasons why the two old people killed their sons. Originally, the two old people have no income,CNC machining parts, Cao Dongman disabled, although there is a wage income, after all, poor health, plus the two old people are old and sick, the monthly medical expenses, is a large expenditure. This family, not to mention a little extra money, even daily life, is also robbing Peter to pay Paul, perennial debt to maintain. It happened that this year, Cao Qiuyun was promoted to junior high school and failed to get on the experimental middle school score line by five points. Wang Wenfang found Miao Xuehong, then director of the county education Bureau, several times, hoping to take into account the actual situation of her experimental middle school staff and her husband, and take care of her daughter's enrollment. However, Miao Xuehong firmly refused to agree. The reason for his disagreement was that he charged a fee of 5, titanium machining parts ,Investment casting parts,000 yuan for approving notes. Wang Wenfang had no way to go, so she asked for help everywhere. She borrowed 25,000 yuan and gave it to Miao Xuehong. Finally, she let her daughter go to school. For some people, 25,000 yuan may be a small sum of money, but for Wang Wenfang's family, it is a huge sum of money that can not be repaid in a lifetime. In order to pay off the money as soon as possible, Wang Wenfang began to sell blood, and her elderly parents-in-law went out to pick up garbage. The two old people did not know that even if they picked up garbage, they were divided into ranks and spheres of influence. They went to other people's territory and robbed other people's business, and they naturally refused to let them go. Finally, one time, the gang attacked them. The mother-in-law fought with the gang in order to protect her man. As a result, the mother-in-law was broken legs, leaving numerous injuries on her body. After all, he is an old man, and such an injury is tantamount to walking through the gate of death. Wang Wenfang had to borrow money everywhere and spent more than 30,000 yuan to cure her mother-in-law. By this time, Wang Wenfang's debt had reached 60,000 yuan. Such a huge sum of money, depending on her to buy blood, absolutely can not return. He thought of all the ways to make money, and finally found that there was only one way to go, prostitution. After all, prostitution needs a place, and Wang Wenfang has to make use of her home. Sometimes, when the client is unwilling to open a room or the economic strength is not enough, she has to take it back to  special team with the Public Security Department of the Education Department to thoroughly investigate the case. If we follow the normal processing procedure,deep draw stamping, this disposal is not wrong. But Zhao Deliang did not understand the Internet and did not expect that the online public opinion was totally different from the social public opinion he had known before. Netizens saw that Jiangnan Province did not respond for a while, thinking that the provincial party committee and provincial government officials were protecting each other, and the crowd was surging for a while. Volume 9 Chen Yunda's private plot of officialdom Chen Yunda's private plot of officialdom 12. autoparts-dx.com

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