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Live in a high-risk world and become a farmer.

Oct 19th, 2022 at 10:45   Automobiles   Sambhal   98 views

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"Ah.." So you are a strange thief. Zao Yue gradually calmed down, although in the past in comics, film and television have often seen the creation of strange thieves as the theme, but this is the first time in reality to see the identity of a strange thief. And Karina continued, "But you're really good at it. I thought you should be very alert when you reacted so quickly." As a result, I took her to play a few rounds in the town, and I got a lot of information, and I followed her to the boat smoothly. Zao Yue, who felt that she had been deceived in disguise, suddenly became a puffer fish again. Suddenly, she thought of something and snorted: "You are just so so. You can't even change magic, and you can't make gimmicks. At best, you are no different from ordinary thieves." "Huh?"? What did you say Karina was not convinced at once. Remembering the comic book "Magic Quick Fight" that she had read, Zao Yue said, "The strange thief should have sent a letter in advance, and then, under heavy and tight defense, he could steal the designated things in a surprise way, and finally get away with his arrogance." “…… Telling someone in advance what they are going to steal is tantamount to throwing yourself into a trap. After muttering, Karina said, "Well,hydraulic fitting supplier, since you've caught up with me, your part of the treasure is still yours, but when the record pointer is finished, can you take me with you when you set out?" Karina said she wanted to give her a ride when they left for the next island. Eh? Did the boat you came here on break down? "No, but mine is only a small ship, and it sails on the great channel, of course, to be safer with the big ship." Just as Zao Yue was feeling indifferent and nodding in agreement,38 needle valve, Dou suddenly interjected, "Twenty percent, twenty percent of the treasure you got from the Kraut Pirate Group as a ticket." What?! Glasses, you might as well rob it! It was obvious that money was equal to death in Karina's place, and he was furious at the moment. Ah ha ha ha. Feeling funny, Zao Yue laughed and said vaguely, "Forget it. Anyway, it's nothing to take a ride to the next island." "Xiaoyue, you are the best." Karina immediately changed her attitude 180 degrees. Just now, she had a ferocious expression like Tyrannosaurus Rex with a black face. Now she has turned to embrace Zaoyue kindly in an instant. " ……” This before and after the degree of face change to see the big tube wooden house people do not know what to say, then use the perception ability to look at each other's ideas, want to confirm the motive, the result only see: money, money, money.. “……” Alright. After negotiations, tube fitting manufacturer ,needle valve manufacturer, Karina provided information about the island she knew: "This island is called Crescent Island. The recording time is seven days. My recording pointer is still five days away from recording." "Great, then you can have an adventure on the island these days!" After landing on the island and seeing the jungle all over the island, Zao Yue already wanted to go deep. At this time, after hearing that there were five days, he simply started to act immediately. Hello! You wait. Karina looked at the moon outside without waiting for her to finish her words. That's what our captain looks like. "After all, she only has fun in her head." "Ha!"! I'm going to see what's on the island, too! The crew all expressed some helplessness, and some of them went down as excitedly as the captain. No, I was going to say "" "Wow!"! What is this Just as Karina was about to add, she was suddenly interrupted by Deidara's cry, and then a huge shadow appeared in front of her. It was a giant beast that looked a little like a tortoise, but obviously far beyond the scope of a common tortoise, and the jagged edge of its mouth showed that it was obviously aggressive. "This island is a breeding and spawning ground for some kind of sea king," Karina said without tears. “……” “……” As a result, a group of people began a five-day adventure on the island. Speaking of it, when the sand crocodile first appeared, it gave people the feeling that it was arrogant and indifferent. As a result, when it appeared again on the top of the war, you would find that this product was actually quite disagreeable. Help Ace: I just don't want to see those guys' smug faces again. Help Luffy to run away: important things should be well guarded! And after knowing that he is easy to cheat, read back to Alabastan. When Robin betrayed. No matter what  island, try it and you won't regret it! Walking on the commercial street, Zaoyue saw a shopkeeper shouting to attract visitors to try the candy made by their shop,38 tube fitting, and walked over with curiosity. Oh! Beautiful lady, would you like to taste our candy? After Zao Yue picked up a piece of candy from the dish and put it into her mouth, she was soon attracted by the special taste of sweet and sweet. "Delicious!" She said. Then he decisively paid for two bags. chinaroke.com

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