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Li Liang-Wine maniac Ren Xiaoban

Oct 20th, 2022 at 07:54   Services   Saugor   110 views

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Yun Hui did not hear the young man's name to her, a glance at the other side is a man, only when he intentionally frivolous, can not help but get angry, step up a wave of jade palm, "bang" has hit the young man a slap in the face. Hands don't count. Yun Huijian also opened his mouth and scolded angrily in a shrill voice, "Boy, you are sneaking into the room. What are you waiting for?"? Auntie.. The boy was caught off guard. He slapped his cheek and felt a burning pain. He was already very angry. When he heard Yunhui scold him, he couldn't help turning pale. Before Yunhui could say anything, he was furious and said, "Old woman, how can you be so barbaric? The young master came in with good intentions because he saw you crying pitifully.." As soon as Yun Hui heard the word "old woman," she couldn't help saying, "Oh," and suddenly realized that she was wearing coarse clothes and trousers, dressed as an old woman, and then listening to the young man's words, she couldn't help feeling very sorry. She hurriedly saluted and made amends, saying, "The old woman was in a hurry and made a mistake. Please don't blame her." Said to look at the young man carefully, only to see that he was short, more than Yunhui himself, still half a head down, a strong suit, back with a sword, but even more slender. There was a red palm print on his face, but it did not detract from his beauty. His handsome, almost the same as the true face of Longyuan, but without the unique temperament of Longyuan. However, he seems to have another kind-charming, childish, intelligent mixed temperament,ultrasonic handheld welder, people see and pity, see and love. Yunhui looked at her and suddenly saw him with red lips, his left hand stroking his cheek, a pair of shining slender eyes, staring back at Yunhui, but there was an expression in his eyes that he wanted to attack, but could not attack! Yunhui was deeply suspicious, and when she looked back, she caught a glimpse of herself in the bronze mirror on the table. Her white hair was like frost, very messy, wrinkled and full of sadness. Although her eyes were shining, their eyes were red and swollen,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, full of sadness. Even herself, because of this glance, her expression changed greatly.. The boy ate a palm for no reason, although Yunhui made amends and admitted his mistake, his heart was still unhappy, and he wanted to attack and scold a few words! But at this point, catch a glimpse of Yunhui suddenly, the complexion changed again, tears in the eyes, and to burst out, can not help but arouse the feeling of pity. With a deep sigh, he exhaled in his heart, "You've already slapped me, old woman," he said. "Haven't you lost your anger yet?" When Yun Hui heard his childlike voice, she caught a glimpse of his childish face and the meaning of his words, as if he had brought his own misery to his own head, revealing an expression of helplessness. She could not help but move in her heart and relieve a lot of sorrow. The young man noticed that Yunhui's eyes were different, because most people's eyes were black and yellow unless they practiced strange skills. Although the old woman was old, her eyes were not only blue, but also clear, like a pool of spring water, ultrasonic generator driver ,ultrasonic cutting machine, which contained extremely rich feelings! This is a great miracle, but it should be noted that anyone who practices different skills can only flash different colors in his eyes when he carries the True Qi! Now this old woman is not only different from ordinary people, but also because of the rich feelings contained in her eyes, she is not like an old woman! It should be noted that most of theiful young girl! The idea flashed through the boy's mind, and it made him even more curious! As sos.." As soon as this remark was made, Wang Mei stood up and looked her up and down with a suspicious look on her face. "What?" She said hurriedly? Are you the Lady of a Thousand Faces? Why are you so old? Ah That's right! You must have disguised yourself like that,ultrasonic cutting machine, didn't you? Yunhui looked at her nervous look, although feel funny, but very like her this look!. fycgsonic.com