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Leftover Men Are Poisonous: Senior Officials Occupy Young Wives

Oct 19th, 2022 at 10:46   Automobiles   Sambhal   41 views

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"Xiao Ke and I are brothers, and we are still brothers, so you don't have to worry about it!"! Also, I am now the return of the prodigal son, Grandpa, the power of the return of the prodigal son is more attractive than the good baby from childhood, you don't be too surprised, when the time comes to be fascinated by me, my milk is jealous, don't blame me for not reminding you! "Dead boy!" "I'm really leaving, and I have big things to do!"! Bye-bye Today 7000 words update, try to adjust, tomorrow morning more cool, no manuscript, so these days very worried, update late, sorry ah! Chapter 135, seeing off at the airport. Updated: August 2, 2012 14:53:59 Words in this Chapter: 3504 When Cheng Lingbo got up, she felt the pain of falling apart all over her body, and her head was even worse. She had the pain of a hangover. She sat up and looked down at herself. The quilt slipped, and under the sheet was her naked self. And the skin on the body is like fighting a world war, covered with dense hickeys. Vaguely remember last night, last night's Pei Qiyang like a train off the track, simply can not control his emotions,14 needle valve, excitement terrible, he also indulged in passion, tortured her unconscious. Looking at the watch, it was close to eleven o'clock at noon, and there was no movement in the room. When she moved, she felt sore all over, and every part of her body was sour and uncomfortable. Struggling to get out of bed and go to the bathroom, I felt that even the walking posture was not right, and when I saw the traces left by Pei Qiyang on my neck and chest in the bathroom mirror, I couldn't help blushing. They have been together for a long time,stainless steel hydraulic fitting, he has never been like last night, this is really crazy to the extreme, although last night drank wine, but Cheng Lingbo vaguely remembered his gentleness and excitement last night! Is it because of what you said? Did it irritate him, or was it anger? In short, his behavior last night really made her feel frightened, his various postures made her lose in the end, but he refused to let her go, hit her hard, buried himself in her body, seemed to force her to ask something, until finally, she did not know what to say, he was in a more crazy sprint, a low roar out. Turn on the hot water to wash the body repeatedly, and then the body is a little more relaxed. But still faintly feel the body swelling and pain, can not help but secretly scold Pei Qiyang in the heart of this lady-killer, hydraulic fitting manufacturer ,stainless steel needle valve, wrapped in a bath towel out to find clothes. After a simple lunch, a turtleneck sweater and a down jacket, Cheng Lingbo went to school. You look particularly listless today! Yang Xiaoshui's words are a little more meaningful. Uh Cheng Lingbo just nodded slightly and then gave two words: "Indulgence!" Yang Xiaoshui smiled, very ambiguous, and then changed his mood. He looked up at the people in the studio who had not yet arrived. He whispered, "I heard that you and Xiao Ke have become relatives!" The news is really well-informed, Cheng Lingbo slightly raised his eyes to look at Yang Xiaoshui, she smiled and looked at herself, Cheng Lingbo raised his eyebrows and asked: "Like your news, unfortunately I am not Cheng's family!" "Maybe Xiao Ke doesn't want you to be a member of the Cheng family!" Xiaoshui said again. How could such a sensitive person as Cheng Lingbo not hear the sourness in her tone? Since reluctant to give up, do not go to study abroad! Your Xiao Ke is a baby in your eyes, but in my eyes, he is just a passer-by! I'm grateful to him for helping me that night, but not to the point of committing myself to him. Not in this life! Yang Xiaoshui was very happy. I'm not jealous of his interest in you, but I have to admit that it's a little sour! Although I  children, but she always did it alone. So that others helped her plan her life, but she was not used to it. At half past six, she looked at her watch and took a taxi to the airport before she had time to eat. Although her aunt said she would not let herself send it, Cheng Lingbo decided to send it silently. The plane will take off at 8:30,14 tube fitting, and it will arrive in Tongcheng at 10:30 if it is not late. Arrived at the airport, but did not expect to see Pei Qiyang and Ouyang Ximo appeared at the airport at the same time, the two of them were talking to their aunt. chinaroke.com

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