Why switch to Insightly now?

We put together this page to help you navigate the evaluation process, calculate savings, and choose Insightly as your next CRM.

Insightly is different from Salesforce and other legacy CRMs

Built from the ground up with the latest technology, Insightly is a modern unified CRM that provides businesses of all sizes and industries with secure, flexible, and scalable sales, marketing, and delivery solutions all in one place, without the high cost and complexity of legacy CRMs, like Salesforce.

The majority of integrated legacy CRMs are often packaged as “suite of apps” or “point solutions” or “multi-platform” CRMs, where sales, marketing, and service data are collected and managed in separate structures. All Insightly apps sit atop a single data platform, providing continuity and transparency at every level—from data structures to system integrations to user interface.

The Insightly advantage


Scale, flexibility, security, and powerful CRM capabilities out of the box. Customize Insightly to your specific industry and business needs and team preferences.


Clear and straightforward pricing. Always know what you’re paying for, when, and why. No hidden costs. No need to hire third parties to help you implement and manage the system.


Simple and intuitive UI. Minimal training and ramp-up time. Easily integrate your CRM into every team’s daily work and existing business processes.

Easy switchover process

Designed to help Salesforce power users switch systems quickly and painlessly, Insightly’s one-click data migration tool transfers all your data and processes in less than two hours, depending on the size of your dataset.

Superior customer support

From onboarding to user training and ongoing support, the Insightly team is there to ensure your CRM success. Make the most out of Insightly and get your questions answered at any time, without the extra cost.

Unified approach

All teams, one database. No manual syncing. No data silos. Centralize your sales, marketing, and delivery data in one place and align teams around the customer’s journey.

Calculate and compare your CRM costs

Compare Salesforce costs to Insightly CRM costs with Insightly’s CRM cost calculator. See instantly how much you will save with Insightly.

You save
with Insightly:
$8,880 $23,300
Do you use Salesforce?
How many CRM users?
For how many months?
Add marketing automation?
The CRM Cost Calculator makes certain assumptions. Read about them here.

CRM Cost Calculator

Total cost of ownership by platform

$8,880 $23,300
Do you use Salesforce?
How many CRM users?
For how many months?
Add marketing automation?
The CRM Cost Calculator makes certain assumptions. Read about them here.

You save
with Insightly:


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Learn how Knightscope switched to Insightly

In this webinar, we’re joined by Chris Reider, Director of Client Experience at Knightscope, to learn how Insightly made switching simple.

Insightly is the number one platform and priority for our executives to scale our processes nationwide and get the customer insights we need to make improvements in our business.

Brian Pavlick, COO, CBUSA

5 steps from Salesforce to Insightly

Step 1

Assess your CRM needs


Step 2

Clean and structure your CRM data

Step 3

Define roles and permissions

Step 4

Migrate your data

Just export your Salesforce data and share the file with Insightly. We’ll take care of the rest!

Step 5


5 steps to a successful CRM switch

Use this guide to switch from Salesforce to Insightly CRM with more knowledge, confidence, and clarity.
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Insightly provided us with specific instructions on what to do before we cut over. The process of getting everyone up and running took about four weeks from start to finish. Transitioning from Salesforce to Insightly allowed us to reduce our costs by 40%.

Jamie Paton, SEO Director, PCG Digital

Let’s talk

At Insightly we believe that human connections are the foundation of lasting customer relationships. We’ve built our technology and our customer service on that belief. Reach out to our team and let’s start your switch from Salesforce to Insightly CRM.

Switching CRMs is an important investment that requires stakeholder buy-in, planning, and research. We’re here to help you along the way.