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Deep love for the sword

Oct 20th, 2022 at 07:49   Services   Salem   64 views

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Gu Qiuping nodded cautiously and sent down another red pill, which was as cold as ice this time. Then she took the yellow, white, black, and blue pills in order. The reaction she got was also pain, numbness, soreness, and itching. All kinds of uncomfortable tastes made Xu Junwu freeze all over his body, as if he had traveled through 18 layers of hell. Finally sent a dark purple pill, Xu Junwu actually did not feel. Gu Qiuping smiled and said, "I finally found the source of the disease!" Chance Tong couldn't help asking, "Can your excellency really restore his strength?" "No problem," said Gu! Find the source of the disease, suit the remedy to the case, cure the disease, and can be effective immediately! Then he took out some other medicine bottles from the medicine box, asked the shopkeeper for a cup of rice vinegar, mixed in a few medicinal powders, and gave them to Xu Junwu to drink. When the medicinal powder melted into the vinegar, it sent out a smell that touched the nose. Xu Junwu pinched his nose and fell down his throat. Li Dang's belly churned for a while. The general indescribable feeling of nausea went straight to his throat. He couldn't stand it any longer. Wow, he vomited all over the table with filth,smart whiteboard price, colorful, and the whole person felt weak and fell on the table! Luo Qiuyuan flew into a rage and said, "You smelly quack doctor have killed my master. I must pay for your life!" With a punch in the face, Gu Qiuping stretched out her hand to hold it gently and said with a smile, "It's said in Jianghu that Mr. Tieban is such a hero, but he's been bullied so much. It's better to die. I can't bear to see him suffer, so I helped him free himself.." Luo Qiuyuan lost all his skill. His fist was like iron in Gu Qiuping's grasp. He couldn't move. He was so anxious that the veins on his head burst out and his eyes were full of anger! Zhang Qi and Wei Jiu were also very worried, but because of Gu Qiuping's martial arts,digital signage kiosk, they did not dare to attack. Zhang Qi had to ask with a wry smile, "Sir!"! Is he really dead? Gu Qiuping smiled and said, "If you can't live, you're dead!" Zhang Qi pushed Xu Junwu and fell to the ground. His eyes were so blind that they were less black and more white. When he turned them over, he looked as if he had died. He couldn't help worrying and said, "My friend!"! This is a job assigned by Lord Liu of the Tianmo Sect. You died in the hospital. How can we explain it? Gu Qiuping smiled and said, "That's very simple. Take me to pay the bill." Zhang Qi rolled his eyes at Chance and said, "Friend!"! This is all caused by you, we are the same way on the word, in any case, let us have a good account is! "Of course," said Chance Tong with a smile, "but we have to make sure that Xu Junwu is not dead first. Otherwise, if someone is kind enough to help me, facial recognization camera ,interactive whiteboard prices, how can I have the nerve to blame him?" "I'm all out of breath," said Zhang Qi. "How can I not die?" "If he dies," said Gu Qiuping, "it's because he's dying. It's none of my business. My medicine won't kill me. You can try it if you don't believe me." Then he grabbed two pills and said to Zu have colluded at all. You came here on purpose to make us happy!" Chance burst out laughing ane these two ideas to heart at all. Even if we send them to Yangzhou, we won't let them live. If they diit it!" Said the chest head a burst of nausea, also like Xu Junwu, opened his mouth to spit on the ground, the body fell down limply. Gu Qiuping smiled and dragged them to a clean table side by side. While they were laboring here,information kiosk price, the Chancemen had already left their seats quietly. Then he returned to the shop and said, "I looked around, but no one else was moving. The two guys drove straight back. Sister-in-law and Miss Li caught up with them and won't let them go." hsdtouch.com