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Cover the sky

Oct 20th, 2022 at 07:45   Phones & Tablets   Sahāranpur   113 views

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Ye Fan seems to have broken into a terrible black hole, all kinds of destructive forces hit, as powerful as his physical body felt a sharp pain. However, he did not stop, step by step forward, leaving a brand in the void, through all kinds of clouds, approaching the land of death. Pervert, is it scary that the Holy Body has been beaten into a king? He has surpassed the ancient giant and has been forced into seventy or eighty miles. Ye Fan could not bear it after a hundred miles ahead, and his body was stained with blood, and his flesh shell could not stop the power of grinding the world. Stop under the sage! There is a stone tablet in front of him, which is clearly engraved with a few ancient characters, shocking, Ye Fan felt that there is a more horrible atmosphere in front of him, as if to break the sky. At this time, even if he took out the purple and gold hammer, he could not stop it, and he doubted that if he stepped in, he would not be crushed into mud. Brother Ye, stop quickly. The road you have traveled has already surpassed King Dacheng. Don't take risks. Yan Yixi transmits sound in the rear. Ye Fan frowned and looked at the first side, he really had no way to go, at least a strong man with one foot into the realm of saints was able to get involved. Senior, do you still remember that I once met you twice? Ye Fan shouted. However, the old woman in the depths of the whirlpool did not respond at all,smart board for conference room, as if she had been sitting for decades. This lets Ye Fan in the heart a shock, before the sage person turns the way to seem to be such a scene, should not really want to fall here? "Now all the ancestral kings of the ancient clans are about to be born. The mad old man died outside the realm, and the sky was stained with blood. The human race can only stop you from turning the tide." Ye Fan drank again. However, Gui woman still did not have a trace of reaction, it is like the extinction of life, quiet as a rock. To be continued, to read the latest chapter, please visit: Mobile Access: Chapter 781 is the world all enemies or all silent? "Did she really melt when she was waiting for the light of the North Pole?" Ye Fan felt a shock in his heart,75 smart board, because he saw the old woman's body surrounded by all kinds of complicated lines, melting in the void after he ran the eye of heaven again. This is the unique sign of the ancient sage's transformation! "Are you really going to melt?" Ye Fan couldn't help but look up to the sky and sigh deeply. Another human sage is going to pass away. [Cover the sky and share it with you quickly.] Who else in the world can be equal to the ancient ancestor king. No matter how he called and heard, the old woman in front of him did not respond, motionless, like a stone carving, cold and breathless. Only the Qingjin Pagoda on her head hung in the air, and the blue air fell down one by one, echoing the veins of the Tao and connecting them into one. How could it be that she should sit here in silence. Ye Fan sighed, the sage is nameless, not obvious in the world, death is also so silent. Ye Fan believes that she is mostly waiting for the birth of the North Pole Fairy Light, but ultimately failed to get it, otherwise it would not be like this, unfortunately. He tried to take a step into the area that the so-called saints could enter, but in an instant he saw the scene of cracked soles of his feet. Even if he is a holy body, the flesh shell is far superior to all constitutions, digital touch screen board ,interactive digital whiteboard, but still can not be compared with saints, a world of difference, if the ordinary monks are compared to mortals, saints can be immortals. Ka " Even if he offered the purple electric hammer, it was useless. The cracks on it were ringing. If it went on like this, if it was forced into the depths, it would certainly crack. Even if he has a real handed down holy soldier, he can't do it, because he needs the strength hing would have been different. Today is a world of kings and all kinds of constitutions. If these people grow up, it will be amazing! The cold wind is howling, the snow is falling,smartboards in classrooms, this is a vast white world, the ice is biting. Tu Fei, I hope one day I can see you get out of trouble strongly and fight by yourself. Ye Fan turned around. hsdsmartboard.com